싸이하누월 (상관없어)

Produced by SUGA

Lyric by SUGA

Keyboard SUGA

Synthesizer SUGA

Mixed by Pdogg @Dogg Bounce

Contain sample from “ 안숙선 - 단가 적벽가 ”



going to bed everyday at dawn and continuously sleeping.

going straight to the studio thanks to a falling feeling.

my business is a musician, a winning position.

playing in the front line, clearing throat coming out of an idol’s mouth.

if I’ll ask you don’t have to worry, but what’s your true identity.

you can explain but there’s no need to.

you’re mistaken if you think you can judge me by just seeing, hearing and feeling me.

my music is stealing girls’ nights like insomia

those manias that are called idols for a reason ignoring our team without mercy

but I’m gonna deal with these losers earphones, their music is baby talk

i’m a musician of the next generation wearing a mask of an idol, starting from the inside i’m a d boy

keeping my principle in this music industry full of lies.



it does not matter

from the inside i’m a d boy

keeping my principle

you’re badmouthing and blaming me

i don’t care, that’s right i don’t care



i i i am out of me

i i am dropping back for a sharp beat

setting aside the thought that i’m an idol

with the things that i do and right now the things that i work on as a rapper, that’s how i’m living

i’m keeping it altogether with rhyme for a designed beat

putting on myself instead of tattoos my attitude

my flow is like kamasutra seducing you into the beat

that’s right don’t mess with us our size is dollar

compare to that you’re a white shirt collar

get lost you’ll die soon go fuck yourself suck your fingers huh?

go suck your fingers huh?

watch us do our thing huh?

our 2kool 4skool debut album sold 30,000 copies huh?

we sold 30,000 copies huh?

who is the best among the rookies huh?

forever live like that playing the keyboard at the back what

—- o —- o —- 0 —-

As promised, I finally found some time to do this.

trans cr. minyoung @ bangtantrans



when your computer insists that it has urgent updates




This scene was actually when I went from feeling more or less neutral on Joan to actively disliking her.

Because wow, that was patronizing.

I loved that scene in Elementary.

1) Firstly, because it immediately deconstructs the “hero throws and breaks something in frustration” cliche (Sherlock throwing a glass slide in HoB, anyone?) it might even be seen as a parody of that cliche.

2) Secondly, because the dynamic is different between a man and a woman than it would be between two women or two men, the visual of a man smashing something in a temper in front of a woman can be taken as threatening or borderline abusive. Joan Watson immediately shows that she is not intimidated by Holmes’ behavior.

3) Lastly? One of the running themes of Elementary is the deconstruction of Sherlock Holmes as the solitary, antisocial genius, and his becoming a member of a community. Holmes’ gifts are given their due respect, but no one in Elementary plays the game of Because Sherlock Holmes is a Bloody Genius He Can Do Whatever He Wants So There. When Sherlock goes after Moriarty (“M”), Captain Gregson suspends him. When Sherlock doesn’t want to talk about his addiction, Alfredo says “You’ve got to get over yourself.” And when Sherlock behaves like a spoiled child, Joan tells him “Use your words.”

You see Joan patronizing Sherlock. I see a member of Sherlock’s community teaching him how to behave like an adult member of that community.





my favorite kind of Suga is of the adorable & sassy variation [x][x]



life tip: do not google that cute korean guy you’ve seen somewhere, don’t even try to find out his name


i went to look up coup de foudre (“love at first sight”) but i fucked up


i fucked up so much

i didn’t know it was possible to fuck it up this much